Friday, September 19, 2014

Naomi Shocking Us Into Green Communism Based on AGW fraud

Naomi Klein, author of the famous book, The Shock Doctrine, showed us the value of shock in leading us into the fraudulent war on terror. She has written another book, using the methods given in The Shock Doctrine to shock us into United Nations Agenda 21 based on the phoney AGW threat.

The Rhodes Scholar seems to have followed lessons that she learned from the US Neocons to shock us into helping the global financiers in establishing their Neoliberal Green communist agenda (Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development) New World Order.

She has an interview of the Ford Foundation funded Democracy Now! Here

So you don't have to buy her stupid book.

She says we must transform the economy to reduce "emissions" - of carbon, I assume. I think the only emissions we need top worry about are those emanating from people like Naomi Klein.

Its important to know that burning hydrocarbons has the by products of water and carbon dioxide. (That "smoke" you see coming out of "smoke stacks" of Western clean burning coal burning plants in AGW propaganda is actually water). Both of these are life giving gases.

In the Chinese coal plants? who knows. They don't have regulations over there and the Neoliberal Rhodes Scholar isn't pushing for trade sanctions against China and their slave factories to reduce real  harmful and not imaginary emissions that are the result of by-products emitted by dirty plants without 'scrubbers'.

Naomi's argument is a scientific one - we must stop putting "carbon", meaning CO2, into the environment to stop global warming. Really CO2 isn't bad for the environment according to qualified folks.

The science behind the pro AGW movement has always been political science and the science behind the anti AGW movement has always been the hard kind.You don't see qualified folks like this on Naomi's side of things, you see people like....well....Naomi. They always say they have qualified people behind them, you just never hear from these qualified people. They have corporate media to repeat their mantra until it gets believed.

The rest of the interview is such BS that I can't even pollute my keyboard by repeating it here. She says "We must invest more in the public sphere...." - just to warn you. You won't believe it if I just write it all here anyhow. See for yourself at the Ford Foundation media outlet linked above.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who Is Really In Control ?

After about 6 years of listening to and reading political commentary on the internet and reading political philosophy and studying law I can say that if I could list only one person that every person should listen to, that person would be Catharine Austin Fitts. She does explain the problem, its symptoms and what we need to do to fix the situation that we currently face: Tyrannical communism & complete destruction of existing economy. She does this by exposing people to common-sense reason and some aspects of the nature of our relationship with the government.

In her latest interview on Alex Jones,, she poses a question, Who is really in control ?
Fitts has an interview with Alex Jones (PrisonPlanet TV) on this page , she explains the problem at the core.

Are The Corporations In Control ?

Many people assume that because the corporations lobby governments and have enormous concentrations of wealth to do this affectively. They must be the ones that shape government. But this is not true because they play according to the rules. The main rule is that they are lawfully required to operate in the financial interest of their shareholders. To not do this is to break the rules and to expose themselves to liability. They have no choice but to operate the way they do.

Are The Paid Off Politicians In Control ?

The only responsibility a politician has to its electorate is to get re-elected. Lobbyists and corporations aid them in this task so the lobbyists and corporations are helping the politicans fullfill their single obligation to the public - that is get re-elected.

Enviro-Fascists are Back & What to do About It

You can't really argue with these people. They just want to believe, so they do. One would have to believe that the thousands of scientists on are either all being duped by the oil companies or actually have a scotched earth policy in order to believe that the threat of AGW is real.

What if they turned their attention to monetary reform ?

Everyone would have a lot more money and live much better and tend to have fewer children. This would solve the dreaded (yet ridiculous) notion of overpopulation. The earth would be safe from over population.

Honest money would mean fewer, if any wars. Our wars are fought for money, just like wars were fought for money in the Republic Of Plato, and ever since. Our banks want to print everyone's money and those countries that cannot be coerced or corrupted into doing so get bombed. Its just they way the world works. If we had honest money we would have fewer wars and stop having to build the stuff all over again that got blown up and stop having to build and operate things like tanks, bombers and battleships.

Honest money creates a smaller political class and therefore bad ideas that seem to serve the environmental interest but really just serve to expand and fatten an existing political class would be practically non existent. Stupid ideas like solar and wind farms would not come to fruition because they wouldn't be subsidized. (An idea needs government subsidization because it is a bad idea.) A smaller political class would result in smaller taxes and less corruption.

That could get the snake eating its own tail.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Michelle's a Fag

One morning, while listening to E. Michael Jones on cultural Marxism I took off my headphones to listen to some of my co-workers talk about the recently born notion of Michelle Obama being a transvestite. My contribution to this discussion was that it really shouldn't surprise anyone if its true.

The video below outlines the physical evidence for this and the various characteristics of her / his physical appearance. Some of the evidence is broad shoulders, index finger longer than the ring finger, traces of a removed Adam's apple and a few other things.

We know that Obama is a homosexual, if fact all US presidents with the exception of Nixon and Clinton were homosexuals - or that is what some believe. I think it's probably true.

Homosexuals are wonderful tools in politics because they can be more easily controlled. If George Bush got out of control or was overcome by a sudden act of decency and upset the order of things (the rest of us getting constantly screwed by bankers and attorneys), his handlers only needed to call the NY Times or the Washington Post or the Communist News Network and expose the fact that he had male prostitutes visit the White House quite regularly. Barry Sataro has his golf and stays out of the way of the machine, GW had his male prostitutes.

Its all too crazy. You gotta laugh once in a while, and here is a video for some good honest laughter. Its a case well stated.

Joan, "Oh shut up, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about", Rivers also commented about this shortly before her death.

Joan always told it like it was. These comedians are sometimes our greatest philosophers.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that the "first lady", normally believed to be a heterosexual female is in fact a homosexual male.

My Book: Power Outage

I recently published an 80,000 word book on Smashwords as an e-book. It will be available through most regular channels in short time but may or may not be found on Amazon. I haven't looked into Amazon yet and have heard some things that cause me not to jump at the idea. "Another Microsoft" is a phrase that runs through my mind when considering this.

The book is a fictional story about a group of people who build a shelter to protect them from an economic crash, a war, or anything else that comes along. They have the money and they buy the peace of mind.

The electricity goes out due to a phenomenon known as an EMP, an Electro Magnetic Pulse that destroys electrical circuits. This is a real phenomonen or maybe just a possibility. It may have happened two hundred years ago without anyone noticing. It may happen all the time, every hundred or two hundred years. No one knows.

The book is about political power, after the existing system is destroyed so are its power structures.

The book forms an examination of different political systems such as collectivism, democracy, anarchism as well as others.

It is an action adventure that is the story of a group of people who make a cross country journey in a post apocalyptic world. It is the story of the people they meet on their journey to meet the philosopher king.

Readers are permitted to read the first 75 % of this book free of charge.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Karen Hudes Speaks

Karen Hudes, a senior attorney from the world bank has become a whistle-blower. I've been thinking that these attorneys are nothing more than dupes for the powers that be for a long time. Hudes and a few others are the exceptions to the rule.

Here are some of the things she says:

(1) Your tax money goes to the City Of London then the Vatican. The Jesuits are robbing the people of all their wealth.

I've heard this before and it makes sense but this ideas never formed part of my world view because I have no means of checking or verifying them. I've never heard something like this coming from the mouth of such a highly esteemed ex member of the establishment. Paul Craig Roberts (the colonel or the economist) don't say this but both are highly critical of the establishment.

Agenda 2, better known as sustainable development is the means of the robbery.

She knows this because she followed the money, not from reading conspiracy theory web sites.

(2) They have tried to bribe her but she will not be a dupe.

There is no honor among thieves.

(3) She believes the world will return to the rule of law before everything falls apart. 

 She says she has many people on her side. She says that we need to watch and learn the facts - us little people have to be involved, both watching and learning.

Of course we have to be involved. If we wish to preserve a free society we must be involved and this has been true for all time. Aristotle explains that any civilization has an oligarchy on the top. The political body serves both the people and the oligarchy. This is the basis of the philosophy of Legalism, first applied in ancient China and before the Confusionists threw them out. People need to be involved to preserve their rights.

The reason why the powers that be are robbing us and destroying our conception of society is reasoned out and explained in Plato's Republic. The members of the oligarchy have a different conception of justice than commoners and to create the just society ordinary people must have their knowledge limited and be focused on their task in society and be prevented from thinking outside their box. Everyone over the age of ten years old must be killed off so that the new just society can be built upon the beliefs of the people. These beliefs are carefully shaped by education.

(4) Secret Societies will be eliminated.

This is a well known part of the plan. Exactly how does this get accomplished - certainly not by tearing down Masonic and Rosa Crucian meeting halls and buildings. It can only be accomplished by tearing down the members of the secret societies themselves. Masons and the like would do well to research things like the Georgia Guidestones. I don't recall where I read that secret societies will be eliminated but it seems necessary for a rule of law to apply.

There is a huge awakening happening, a woman that was a stenographer at the White House stood up and said that the congress is just a bunch of devil worshipping free masons. Not far from the truth - most belong to the highly secretive and exclusive BAR association.

She has many interviews on You-Tube and they can be found with a simple search of her name.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Legal System and The Law

See This isn't the law, its the legal system. It is the fundamental definition of administrative tyranny. The laws are something everyone knows. Kant calls it a-priori knowledge. We know the laws, they are in our hearts like we know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This is our reality.

Laws form the basis for all religions and religion is about our law-maker, whatever we conjecture this as. It certainly isn't a gang of hoodlums sitting on capital hill. These people are just punks, and if they are anything like our parliamentarians, you wouldn't want them as neighbors. Good people are just too comfortable or too gutless to speak out about it.

The legal system is for the unwise. They do not know that the legal system presupposes that any of its victims are debtors. A maxim in law is that a debtor has no rights. Think about this.

Our so-called debt isn't real either. Its monopoly money and nothing more and in every sense of the word monopoly. It is backed by neither substance nor promise from its creators. We work for it, we promise to work for it and that is its only value.

Its our money and we don't owe a thing. And us citizens of this North American Union should not be subject to such an abuse as this legal system really is because we owe these bankers and attorneys nothing.


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Author of "Power Outage", available on Smashwords. I am a 50 year old free market libertarian who has had the time to read and consider the nature of globalism and the big machine that is surrounding us. I have participated in politics by running at the Fed level and debated Agenda 21 and 9-11 truth in front of large audiences. My background is in engineering and software creation. My business has provided me with significant time and freedom to learn the truth about the world around us. My goal is to expose Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development and Cultural Marxism.